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Antaisolar Joined Forces With UOB Thailand to Support Local Solar Industry Thrive

Apr 17, 2023

United Overseas Bank (UOB), the leading commercial bank in Asia, recently rolled out U-Solar 2.0 program. With industry-leading solar equipment suppliers involved, this program helps to build comprehensive end-to-end support throughout the value chain. Antaisolar participates U-Solar 2.0 as the only mounting system supplier, joint hands with other module and inverter suppliers to bring industrial-recognized solar products and services, aiming to activate the Thailand solar market.

UOB launched the U-Solar in 2020 as the first integrated solar financing program that empowers the solar industry in the SEA region. In that period, UOB Thailand has extended around 3.12-billion-baht worth of green loans and has enabled more than 1,800 Thai businesses and homeowners to transition to solar energy. The U-Solar 2.0 program is not just another iteration but an expansion.

What tormented the developers and contractors must always be the controversion between long project receivable terms and short payment terms requested by equipment suppliers. "With U-Solar 2.0, people will be able to extend payment terms to finance the purchase of equipment from the program-approved suppliers and work on multiple solar projects simultaneously, speeding up the rate of solar adoption in the country." the bank added.

Antaisolar, the leading supplier of the whole industry chain in PV mounting systems, participated in U-Solar 2.0 program not just in Thailand but also in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. The cooperation is remarkable in that more customers can benefit from the products of Antaisolar timely, without worrying about cash flow and capital gaps. Plowing in the SEA Market for seven years, Antaisolar has set up an office in Thailand to provide local support. By 2023, Antaisolar's cumulative solar racking system shipments in the SEA region achieved 3080MW, while global shipments reached 25.4GW, what behind the numbers is the recognization from customers all over the world.

Together with UOB Thailand, Antaisolar is committed to the green energy transition of society, willing to reduce access costs and provide more convenient methods for customers to get involved in the solar ecosystem of Thailand. Holding the mission of Raise a green world, Antaisolar is seeking more opportunities to stimulate the local solar market booming.

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