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Antaisolar SEA Tour Starts from Solartech Indonesia 2023

Mar 07, 2023

Just in the past March 2-4, Solartech Indonesia 2023 opened its door for solar suppliers and customers from all over the world to communicate and exchange the latest industry news, regarding the Indonesian market. The trade fair took place at Jakarta International Expo as it did in the past 8 years and is still considered to be one of the most important solar exhibitions in the SEA region. Antaisolar, the leading supplier of the whole industry chain in PV mounting systems, presented its advanced ground and rooftop mounting systems to the market, arousing a lot of attention on site.

Indonesia is located in South East Asia, very close to the equator. The average solar radiation resource in Indonesia is about 4.8KWh/m2/day, sufficient sunlight suggests its great potential in developing solar power. Given its unique sunlight advantage, the local government is dedicated to introducing solar power systems and set a goal to achieve 5.3GW installation capacity by 2030 and to achieve a 23 percent share of renewable energy in the country’s energy mix by 2025. What should pay the most attention to is the rooftop solar market. The utilization of rooftop solar power systems is trending and rising high in Indonesia and the market potential for installing rooftop solar power systems reaches over 116 GWp.

Antaisolar has been constantly exploring the market, offering trustworthy solar mounting systems and local service to customers in Indonesia. With local production capacity, fast delivery and quick response about after-sell service can be guaranteed. Antaisolar brings experienced solar technology researchers and high-educated consultants together, to meet customers' requirements and solve every concern about solar mounting from the moment when they start up a solar project. Antaisolar's solutions suit different usage scenarios, for example, the MetaRoof system includes solutions that are adaptable to tile roof, flat roof, and metal roof. You can find the most effective solution, according to the suggestion given by Antaisolar professionals.

Holding the mission of Raise a Green World, Antaisolar is on the way to contributing to energy transition all over the world. Solartech Indonesia is the first station in Antaisolar's 2023 SEA tour, please stay tuned and follow our steps to the next station -- see you in the Philippines

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