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Antaisolar shines at the Future Energy Show Vietnam 2022

Jul 22, 2022

The Future Energy Show Vietnam was successfully held last week, more than 160 exhibitors joined this event to proudly show their products, including Antaisolar, the No.1 racking system supplier in the Vietnam distribution market.

At this time, Antaisolar brought its popular roof mounting systems, including metal tile solutions, adjustable tilt solutions, and triangle solutions, allowing for highly pre-assembly and project-specific adjustments, we also have various clamps, which can properly suit for customers' requirements. With these high standard products, our booth attracted lots of interested visitors to stop by, Nguyen Quang Duc, our sales manager, warmly received all the clients and gave a detailed introduction to the products.

Vietnam is one of the most important renewable energy markets in South-East Asia. The Government is targeting to increase installed solar capacity to 15GW and investing US$143 Billion into the sector, with great policy support, much potential growth is shown in this area.

Antaisolar has entered the Vietnam market for quite some years and made remarkable achievements, its accumulated shipment in Vietnam has reached 1GW by 2021. On the way to better satisfy our customers, Antaisolar always would like to join the local event, value every chance to listen to customers' needs in person. Holding the pursuit of Raise A Green World, Antaisolar never stop doing its own part on the local environment contribution, this makes Antaisolar a industry-leading company with responsibility and commitment.

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